Yeremi Vargas y Sara Morales

Yeremi Vargas y Sara Morales
Yeremi Vargas desaparecido el 10 de marzo de 2007 - Sara Morales desaparecida el 30 de julio de 2006

Charlotte Davison

Name: Charlotte Davison
Age: 14
Last Seen: BD194PN
Alert Details
Charlotte Davison 14 years Old Missing ; MIssing from - Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire ; ; Charlotte has been missing since wednesday at 8.40 Charlotte Davison is 14 years old she got intouch with her parents on the evening of Wednesday saying she was ok and would be in touch the day after, she didnt get intouch and her mobile has been switched off ever since if u see her please get in touch with the police .....


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